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Who are we?

UK07 Hotels is a new age travel solution company that provides standardised premium experiences in the leisure travel space. UK07 Hotels offers travellers a chance to enjoy stays in the most offbeat locations.

Why partner with us?

With an expansive reach that spreads its wings across various states, cities, we are able to negate boundaries and offer a travel product that is deep rooted in local experiences of unexplored destinations. We invite you to be a part of this revolutionary journey.

How to partner with us?

We offer two kinds of partnerships: Franchise and Management. Built with the focus of benefitting owners of small-scale resorts, these partnership models help properties in offbeat locations get the attention of travellers looking to ditch the regular tourism spots to explore lesser-known destinations.

We've got you covered


As a Franchise, you will receive both online and offline marketing support from the UK07 Hotels staff. Our team of highly trained professionals will be there to guide you at every step of the way and ensure that your property gets the requisite attention of travellers we love to host at our resorts.


Do you have a property which has the potential to give the finest experiences to travellers, but is not getting enough attention? Then the Management model of partnership with UK07 Hotels is going to be the most suitable option for you. In this model, we will not just provide you the requisite marketing support, but will also help you run the property in the best possible way.